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    FV Nessie J

    FV Nessie J

     “Nessie J” is derived from the names of our forefathers, with the parents of Frank, Ralph and Dave Stark, whose names were Nessie and James Stark.

    The Nessie J, while being launched in March 2009 was a long term project in the Stark Bros workshop.

    Always an intentional “spec project”, this vessel has in many ways fulfilled a useful purpose, even before beginning work as a fishing trawler, with the keel being laid back in 1998, this vessel has smoothed the workflow for Stark Bros in the quiet periods between other commercial vessel building projects and major dry docking contracts.

    It allowed for the training of apprentices, the learning of skills in a trade where very few timber vessels of this size are now being built. But this vessel is more than just a timber vessel, it has an engine, pipe systems, trawl winches, a steel gantry, and our revolutionary stabilising wings — this vessel has received the skilled attention of staff from across all departments at Stark Bros.

    The FV Nessie J is what Stark Bros Ltd refer to as one of their “traditional” timber fishing trawlers, quite full in the hull, economical, built Stark Tough, and ready to go.

    Without the high spec equipment list of their recent steel new builds, this vessel does not boast a variable pitch propeller, or an onboard salt water ice maker.
    Yes there are split hydraulic winches, but they are not computer controlled, and the electronics package is relatively basic but definitely adequate for the job of a more traditional inshore trawler.

    This is unashamedly a fishing trawler, with a skipper and 1 crew, it will catch and deliver fresh high quality fish to United Fisheries in Christchurch, which will then be served in top restaurants and on dinner tables around the country shortly thereafter.

    This vessel will be based from Lyttelton, fishing 5 days per week, as has become tradition for the vessels operated by Ocean Fisheries Ltd. This regular schedule allows skipper and crew to know when they will be at home, allowing families to have a scheduled weekend of Friday and Saturday, this seems to provide a winning combination of time at sea and time at home.

    This vessel follows the recent trend by Stark Bros and Ocean Fisheries to use BioDiesel, produced locally here in Canterbury by Biodiesel New Zealand (a subsidiary of Solid Energy NZ ). While the FV JUBILEE launched in January 2008 was the first commercial vessel in NZ to be run on B100 or 100% Bio Diesel, the FV Nessie?J has been commissioned on a blend of B60 (60% Bio Diesel / 40% Petroleum Diesel).

    There are advantages for BioDiesel in the marine environment, including a reduced carbon footprint, reduced harmful effects should a fuel spillage occur, and less harmful particulate emissions into the environment, we are also strongly supporting local business!

    Stark Bros believe that even in an economic downturn astute operators can prosper, opportunities will come to those who step up and prepare for the future, existing operators should be looking at new fishing vessels, to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their operations within the Inshore and Middle Depth Fisheries — if you are a proactive fishing company — you should be talking to Stark Bros Ltd.


    Type of craft:


    In Survey to:

    NZ Coastal Fishing Vessel

    Home Port:

    Lyttelton, NZ


    Nessie J Fishing Ltd


    Ocean Fisheries Ltd

    MNZ #:


    Radio Call Sign:

    ZMT 5805

    Fishing Number:


    Designer and Builder:

    Stark Bros Ltd

    Construction Material:


    Length Overall:





    2.05 m


    38 Tonnes

    Free Running Speed:

    8 knots

    Main Engine:

    Dong Feng D683ZLCA3B


    Hangzhou 120C 3:1


    4 blade 40”x 26” Manganese Bronze




    Furuno 1717 7’’ LCD


    Saura P-150II

    Depth Sounder:

    Furuno FCV 585 8.5’’ LCD Colour

    Radio VHF:

    GME Electraphone GX600

    Auto Pilot:

    Furuno NavPilot 611


    Furuno GP-32 GPS/WAAS Navigator

    Chart Plotting:


    Watch Alarm:

    OceanWatch III autopilot watch-keeping alarm


    GME MT401FF ( 406 class 2)

    Trawl Winches:

    Stark Bros hydraulic split winches, 400m x 11mm wire

    Cod End Winch:

    Brevini 1 tonne

    Net Roller:

    Stark Bros - 1 x aft

    Fish Hold:

    180 Fish bins


    International Paints


    RFD Pacific 4 man SOLAS B pack

    Fuel Capacity:

    2500 litres

    Fresh Water Capacity:

    250 litres

    Lube Oil Capacity:

    350 litres

    Waste Water Capacity:

    65 litres

    Hydraulic Oil Capacity:

    350 litres



    Date of Delivery:

    March 2009



    14 May 2015


    Boat Building

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