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    FV Endeavour Launch

    FV Endeavour was officially launched on 30th August 2016 amid a large crowd of supportive staff, contractors and suppliers.


    The name “ENDEAVOUR” has strong historical links to Lyttelton, and its dictionary definition (to attempt to achieve a goal, earnest, prolonged and industrious effort) also in many ways reflect the Stark Family’s Business attitudes, achievements and aspirations.

    Launch days are very special occasions, the culmination of a huge effort in design and building of the boat now presented here today, likewise the actual launch celebrations are also carefully thought out to provide special significance.

    Jean Stark performed the official launching duties. On preparing for launch day, we identified Jean had not previously launched a vessel. Given Dave Stark (Frank and Ralph’s brother) had 50+ years working for Stark Bros this possible omission needed to be investigated — we found Frank Stark had asked Jean many years ago but she was too busy with six children — so had said NO. This time Andrew Stark managed to convince Jean she was still up to the task and secure a YES — a very fitting tribute to the four generations of Stark Family attending this ceremony today.

    Endeavour represents at least the 43rd commercial boat longer than 10 metres built by Stark Bros, and is the second biggest by displacement weight behind the Frontier at 146 tonnes.

    The ENDEAVOUR is fully equipped with a variable pitch propeller, onboard salt water ice maker, computer controlled split hydraulic winches with auto scrolling, and will fish alongside our other vessels — FV Frontier, FV Legacy and FV Nessie J on the East Coast South Island, fishing depths from 10m to about 500m.

    With 58 years of Stark Bros history, lots of boats built, and far more ships dry docked for repair, we sincerely trust that the majority of the stories about Stark Bros would reflect the honesty, integrity and hard working nature of the Starks and their team of loyal staff — and of course their fishermen.


    Type of craft:

    Stern Trawler

    In Survey to:

    NZ Offshore Fishing Vessel 200nm

    Home Port:

    Lyttelton, NZ


    Cressy Fishing Ltd


    Ocean Fisheries Ltd

    MNZ #:


    Radio Call Sign:


    Fishing Number:


    Designer and Builder:

    Stark Bros Ltd.

    Construction Material:


    Length Overall:


    Design Water Length:







    125 Tonne

    Free Running Speed:

    10 knots

    Main Engine:

    SCANIA DI13 071M 294kw (400 HP) @ 1800rpm


    Hundested Marine Gear CPG-32 9.05:1 reduction

    Keel Cooling:

    Fernstrum coolers – M/E, Genset, Refrigeration


    Hundested Variable Pitch,9.5 HP/HP 1800mm diameter, 4 blade

    Bollard Pull:

    8 tonnes


    Kohler Marine genset 28EF02D 3 phase, 28 KVA


    Hydraulic operated single blade rudder

    Nozzle Steering:

    Stark Bros steerable Nozzle


    Furuno ARPA Radar M1835, 36nm colour radar


    Saura MR-150

    Depth Sounder:

    Furuno FCV1150-NT dual frequency 38/200kHz

    Net Monitor

    Marport NC-1-03, 3 hull mounted transducers

    Radio SSB:

    Icom IC-M801E SSB Radio

    Radio VHF:

    Uniden Oceanus UM415 VHF Radio

    Auto Pilot:

    Furuno Nav pilot 700H


    Furuno GP33

    Chart Plotting:

    Maxsea 3D

    Watch Alarm:

    Furuno BR-500 navigational watch-keeping alarm


    Kannad 406 float free


    TracVision Sat TV


    Ericson W35 cellular voice/data terminal

    Trawl Winches:

    Stark Bros Hydraulic split winches, c/w Staffa HMB200 hydraulic motors, computer controlled, auto scrolling/wire counting, 1800m x 14mm wire per winch

    Cod End Winches:

    1 x Pullmaster M18 6 tonne, 1Pullmaster M8 3 tonne

    Unloading Winch:

    1 x Pullmaster PL2

    Net Rollers:

    Stark Bros – 1 x Main, and 1 x spare net roller, c/w Staffa HMB125 motors

    Fish Hold:

    53 cubic metres capacity


    Icestar Saltwater Ice Maker, 2000kg /24hr and Glycol cold wall refrigeration panels in fish hold.


    International Paints


    RFD Surviva 4 man SOLAS A pack

    Fuel Capacity:

    8520 litres

    Fresh Water Capacity:

    3650 litres

    Lube Oil Capacity:

    500 litres

    Waste Water Capacity:

    100 litres

    Hydraulic Oil Capacity:

    1850 litres



    Date of Delivery:

    August 2016




    Who We Are?

    Family owned and operated marine specialists serving the marine industry from the Port of Lyttelton since 1958.


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    Stark Bros Limited

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    New Zealand

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