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    Dry Docking


    Vessel repairs, survey and maintenance in Lyttelton dry dock

    Every aspect of dry dock requirements can be managed from pre-contract information to the completion of required works and beyond.

    Work undertaken in the dry dock includes — hull, deck or engine repairs, structural, plating and tank repairs, tailshaft and propeller survey and repairs, preparation and painting, echo sounder installations and any other underwater repair/modification required.

    The Lyttelton dry dock is located adjacent to Stark Bros Ltd main workshop facilities.


    Work undertaken in the dry dock

    • Hull, deck or engine repairs
    • Structural, plating and tank repairs
    • Tailshaft and propeller survey and repairs
    • Preparation and painting
    • Echo sounder installations
    • Any other underwater repair or modification

    Lyttelton dry dock specifications

    • Floor length 137.15 metres
    • Floor width 14 metres
    • Top length 146.75 metres
    • Entrance width 18.80 metres
    • Maximum draft 6.1 metres (subject to vessel type)

    Who We Are?

    Family owned and operated marine specialists serving the marine industry from the Port of Lyttelton since 1958.


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